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 Basic third party collection techniques begin with a "Consumer Notice" (validation notice as required by law) notifying the customer/consumer of the alleged debt.

 Collectors begin trying to reach each debtor by phone. In the event this is not possible or a positive response is not attained, a demand notice is mailed. After the initial two notices, the mail correspondence is at the sole discretion of the collector.  Also during the first week of placement of the new account, the computer system searches active accounts for "ties" (additional accounts for the same debtor) and then looks for "ties" in the "Suspense Section" which contains accounts that were not collectable at an earlier time. After accounts are initially worked on a new business basis and integrated into a collector's active inventory, collectors are expected to make telephone contacts every ten to fifteen days on each account handled, regardless of dollar amount.

 Subsequent situation notices are sent at the collector's discretion.  Credit reports are ordered or skip tracing is done if the debtor has moved or "skipped" to another area.  At any time during the collection process, if the collector identifies viable assets, the procedure may change.  Original debtor information is kept at the collector's disposal at all times to verify assets.  In cases where there is viable assets and there appears to be no other means of recovery, the account is sent to our internal legal department to finalize the steps necessary to prepare the account for litigation.

 Collectors recommending accounts for placement with an attorney are not limited to any time frame in doing so.  However, in order for Southwest to have their attorney sue an account the balance must be at least $600.00 and the debtor must have a job or bank account. In situations where aggregate balances are under this amount, they are placed in a suspended file and, if a new placement pushes that balance over the required amount, the account can be sued. Legal action is taken on accounts only after we receive signed authorization from our client.

 Payments are taken via mail, walk-in, or direct payment.  Upon receipt, payments are taken by one employee who runs a manual tape for internal audit purposes.  They are then passed on to the administrative assistant for matching on CRT's in our cardless environment. Finally they are given to the administrative supervisor for posting. All funds are deposited into a special trust account with an automated deposit ticket generated for audit purposes.

 We report to TRW/Experian, Equifax, and Transunion Credit Agencies at month-end via computer tape.


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